Five Reasons Why You Should (Re)Watch ‘The Wedding Singer’ Tonight
Love stinks.
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We’re serving up some Sandler tonight and you oughta too.

Has lockdown got you watching record amounts of Netflix/Stan/Binge etc? I’d like to say I’ve been using the time to better myself but that would be a complete lie. In the past fortnight I’ve watched Mare of Easttown, the new season of Me Inbetween and every Rick & Morty episode available. I spent last night scanning streaming services until I came across the 1998 film The Wedding Singer.

Set in 1985, it follows Robbie (Adam Sandler), a wedding singer who suffers extreme heartbreak after being left at the altar, before falling in love with soon-to-be-married waitress Jules (Drew Barrymore). There’s romance, sing-alongs, and a bad guy (Matthew Glave) who is so douchey that he’ll make you want to destroy your television.

Has that got you over the line? Check out five more reasons why you should (re)watch this comedy classic tonight, below:

The start of the Sandler-Barrymore run.

After the success of this film, Sandler and Barrymore would go on to star alongside each other in 50 First Dates (2004) and Blended (2014), collectively grossing over $US448 million at the box office. Though those films don’t even come close to the quality of The Wedding Singer, it’s a pretty impressive stat.

One of the greatest movie cameos of all time.

I’m not talking about Billy Idol (who is awesome in this movie), I’m talking about Buscemi. I don’t know how many times I’ve picked up a guitar and proclaimed to be “self-taught. No lessons thank you Pop.” Enjoy:

The tunes.

The soundtrack is chokkas with 80s gems like ‘White Wedding’ and ‘Do You Really Want To Hurt Me’, but Sandler also chimes in with a couple: one a cover of ‘Love Stinks’ by J. Geils Band and an original written by him and director Tim Herlihy ‘Somebody Kill Me’.

Shoutout to the villain.

Glenn Guglia is one of the biggest fuckbois in cinematic history. It’s probably the reason why the actor who plays him, Matthew Glave, hasn’t had a huge career – every time you see him in something you know he’s the asshole from The Wedding Singer and want to punch him. Just a theory…

Underneath it all, it’s a love story.

As Sandler explained in this 1998 Conan interview he wanted to make a rom-com that was heavy on the rom:–A9-82wY&t=56s

Words by Harry Webber July 21, 2021
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