‘Game Of Thrones’ Announces Final Season Release Date & Drops A New Trailer
The end is near.
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There’s been immeasurable hype surrounding the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones, and now we finally have some concrete details surrounding the series’ last hurrah.

HBO have delivered the most extensive tease of the series yet, with a 100-second peek into the moody world of GoT. Importantly, the teaser also reveals that the series will air on April 14 in the United States, so we can expect it in Australia very soon after. The final season is comprised of six episodes, with director David Nutter confirming that each episode will run over an hour long, and the season will also feature what’s been dubbed the biggest battle scene ever shown in television or film.

Ready for action? Watch below and get yourself hyped:


January 14, 2019
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