‘Gogglebox’ Duo Adam Densten & Symon Lovett End Their Regional Adventure On A High
What a journey.
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The trip of a lifetime…

After weeks of trekking it around the country and getting to know the nation the way all Aussies dream of, Gogglebox duo Adam Densten & Symon Lovett have rounded out their travels in true style, all thanks to Canadian Club and Empty Esky. The final conclusion has got us a bit nostalgic if we’re honest, so what better way to reflect on the journey than by taking a little trip down memory lane?

The dynamic duo kicked things off in Mansfield and Rutherglen, indulging in some fun-loving biscuit rides, plane trips and pub crawls as they got up to all sorts of mischief. The second chapter in their journey saw them up the ante in lovely Tasmania, getting comfortable with everything from quad bikes to cows as they embraced their inner daredevils.

The third and final instalment sees them end on a total high, taking it to the max as they venture to Port Stephens, Nelson Bay and Newcastle. From hitching a ride with some camels to getting acquainted with the waters of the coast, we’re betting the two thrill-seekers were absolutely spent after their many escapades. Luckily, Canadian Club and Empty Esky are the ultimate travel companions, coming through with some refreshing bevs to sip on while they kick back and reflect on the trip of a lifetime.

What a beautiful way to explore the country. Be sure to follow the Canadian Club Regional Tour on Facebook and Instagram, as well as Empty Esky, Symon Lovett and Adam Densten to catch up on all of the action they’ve been getting up to around the country. For now, catch the final instalment of their journey in Port Stephens, Nelson Bay and Newcastle below.

Words by Amar Gera February 16, 2021
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