Gun Control & Foot Rubs – Matthew McConaughey Returned To Daytime TV & It Got Real Weird
Alright, Alright, Alright.
September 13, 2023

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Only Matthew McConaughey can get away with something like this…

Matthew McConaughey is something of an enigma in Hollywood. Having the first three words he ever said on screen become immortalised in pop culture and getting away with playing the same character (AKA himself) in literally every film he’s in, he’s achieved a symbol of cult status at his tender 53 years of age. As of late, he’s managed to add ‘Published Author’ to his list of accolades and become a fierce voice in political discourse, most notably in response to gun control and the devastation that mass shootings have had across the US, particularly in schools. He’s a total unicorn amongst the sea of Hollywood weirdness, and it seems he’s dialling it up even more so in the latter part of his life.

Now, in the latest instance of McConaughey being an absolute freak of nature, the Dallas Buyer’s Club actor returned to The View for one of his strangest interviews in recent memory. Being there to promote his new children’s book, Just Because (obviously no one would go on that show just for fun), the Oscar winner didn’t wait even five minutes before rubbing host Joy Behar’s foot, in what was a call back to their 2006 interview. It was just a tad creepy, and not just because feet are gross, because he was fondly reminiscing on how his late father would give his girlfriends foot rub when he was a teen (just a bit problematic).

Then, however, things the got icy, with the interview shifting onto politics and inevitably, gun control. Obviously, in true The View fashion, Joy Behar and co. attempted to get some drama going, asking him if he thought he could get elected to public office while having such a strong anti-gun stance, to which he responded that that was a game that he was “not interested in playing,” which instantly dampened the mood. It was a just a bit of a strange daytime TV appearance for McConaughey, and for some ungodly reason, it was released in full online. Check it out below.

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