Here’s The Drink That Is Getting Us Through Dry July This Year
Gimme gimme.
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What are you gonna do with all the money you save on booze this month? Six Barrel Soda Co. have some delicious substitutes for you.

Giving up the drink over July? Trying to get healthy? Raising some money? Whatever the reason you’ve turned away from hooch this month, we applaud you. You don’t need us to tell you that the benefits of having a break from the sauce are huge. The only downside is that little bit of FOMO that creeps on into your life when you’re feeling a little niggling craving for a tasty beverage after knock-off, or with dinner, or when around your boozy mates.

Well fear not, Six Barrel Soda Co. are slinging artisan sodas that taste better than any cocktail or beer that you’ve ever had. Made with real fruit and spices, and organic ingredients, these tasty guys are the perfect replacement for whatever your go-to alcoholic bev is. Plus they have 30% less sugar than traditional sodas so you won’t be feeling all sugary and gross after you sip on one.

Use the discount code LIFEWITHOUTANDY10 to get 10% off their whole catalog. Head here to check out their range of tasty flavours and kick dry July’s ass:

Words by Harry Webber July 2, 2021
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