Here’s Everything That’s Landing On Netflix In June
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June’s coming through with flames…

Well, 2021 has definitely seen us get out from under the almost steel-like grip of our streaming accounts, everyday life beginning to slowly revert back to a somewhat pre-Covid state. Still, that doesn’t by any means mean that those very streaming accounts are gonna be taking days (or in this case months) off, busting their virtual asses to ensure we’re backed up with solid content for another month or two.

And so, Netflix has dropped its June lineup, and it appears they’re somewhat hellbent on gluing us to our screens while we devour content. And honestly, can’t blame them for trying.

Check out their June line-up below.


Creator’s File: GOLD (03/06/2021)
Summertime: Season 2 (03/06/2021)
Feel Good: Season 2 (04/06/2021)
Sweet Tooth (04/06/2021)
Fresh, Fried & Crispy (09/06/2021)
Locombianos (10/06/2021)
Lupin: Part 2 (11/06/2021)

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce): Season 2 (12/06/2021)
Elite Short Stories: Guzmán Caye Rebe (14/06/2021)
Workin’ Moms: Season 5 (15/06/2021)
Elite Short Stories: Nadia Guzmán (15/06/2021)
Elite Short Stories: Omar Ander Alexis (16/06/2021)
Black Summer: Season 2 (17/06/2021)
Hospital Playlist: Season 2 (17/06/2021)
The Gift: Season 3 (17/06/2021)

Elite Short Stories: Carla Samuel  (17/06/2021)
Katla (17/06/2021)
The Rational Life (18/06/2021)
Elite: Season 4  (18/06/2021)
The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals (18/06/2021)
Nevertheless (20/06/2021)
Too Hot to Handle: Season 2 (23/06/2021)
The Naked Director: Season 2 (24/06/2021)

The A List: Season 2 (25/06/2021)
Sex/Life (25/06/2021)
Black Lightning: Season 4 (29/06/2021)
Ray (Coming soon)
Jiva! (Coming soon)
So Not Worth It (Coming soon)


Carnaval (02/06/2021)
Dancing Queens (03/06/2021)
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie: Part 1 / Part 2 (03/06/2021)
Trippin’ with the Kandasamys (04/06/2021)
Sweet & Sour (04/06/2021)
Xtreme (04/06/2021)
Awake (09/06/2021)
Tragic Jungle (09/06/2021)
Skater Girl (11/06/2021)
Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (13/06/2021)

Silver Skates (16/06/2021)
Tenet (16/06/2021)

A Family (18/06/2021)
Fatherhood (18/06/2021)
Rurouni Kenshin: The Final (18/06/2021)
Jagame Thandhiram (18/06/2021)
The House of Flowers: The Movie (23/06/2021)
Good on Paper (23/06/2021)

America: The Motion Picture (30/06/2021)
Prime Time (30/06/2021)
Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens (Coming soon)


Alan Saldaña: Locked Up (03/06/2021)


Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet (04/06/2021)
Human: The World Within (04/06/2021)
Kitty Love: An Homage to Cats (05/06/2021)
Unwind Your Mind (15/06/2021)
Penguin Town (16/06/2021)
This Is Pop (22/06/2021)
Murder by the Coast (23/06/2021)
Sisters on Track (24/06/2021)
Wonder Boy (26/06/2021)
Sophie: A Murder in West Cork (30/06/2021)


Super Monsters: Once Upon a Rhyme (01/06/2021)
Wish Dragon (11/06/2021)
Rhyme Time Town: Season 2 (15/06/2021)
StarBeam: Season 4 (29/06/2021)


Trese (11/06/2021)
Godzilla Singular Point (24/06/2021)
The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement (28/06/2021)
Record of Ragnarok (Coming soon)


Puberty Blues: Seasons 1 – 2 (07/06/2021)
Down to Earth with Zac Efron: Season 1 (11/06/2021)
Viva the Underdogs (14/06/2021)

June 3, 2021
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