Here’s What We Know About The ‘Rick & Morty’ Anime + Peep The New Trailer
Following months of teasers.
Words by Harry Webber May 13, 2024

Is this the perfect pivot for a show that is on the slide?

After the conclusion of the seventh season of “Rick and Morty” in December 2023, fans were thrilled to hear about the upcoming spinoff series. Adult Swim announced that a 10-episode anime spin-off of the beloved adult animated series was in the works. With last season not featuring co-creator and OG voice of the show’s titular characters, even the most dedicated fans (including myself) noting a slump in energy from the series. Something ain’t hitting…

Since the announcement of Rick and Morty: The Anime, however, anticipation has been sky-high, and finally, Adult Swim has delivered with a first-look teaser, giving us a glimpse into the upcoming adventures of Rick and Morty:

Release Window and Streaming Details:

While no specific release dates have been confirmed, the teaser assures us that Rick and Morty: The Anime will hit screens this year. The series will be available for streaming on Adult Swim and Max in the US, and presumably Netflix in Australia where R&M has found a home.

What to Expect:

With just 10 episodes, Rick and Morty: The Anime promises to deliver plenty of intergalactic and interdimensional escapades. Alongside the titular duo, we’ll also see Summer Smith join in on the action, adding even more chaos to their adventures.

Behind the Scenes:

The series is being written and directed by Takashi Sano, known for his work on previous Rick and Morty spin-off shorts. SOLA Entertainment is producing the series, with a talented team of producers, including Maki Nagano, Max Nishi, and Takenari Maeda.

Executive producers Jason DeMarco and Joseph Chou are leading the charge, ensuring that the spirit of Rick and Morty remains intact in this exciting new iteration. The anime’s art direction and music composition are handled by Arisa Matsuzawa and Tetsuya Takahashi, respectively, promising a visually stunning and immersive experience for viewers.

The Cast:

Yōhei Tadano and Keisuke Chiba reprise their roles as Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith from the Japanese dub of the original series. Akiha Matsui voices Summer Smith, while Manabu Muraji and Jun Irie portray Jerry Smith and Beth Smith, respectively. Additionally, a talented ensemble of actors will take on minor roles within the anime adaptation, adding depth and humor to the series.


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