Here Are The Top Five Selling NFTs Of The Week
Anything for the art.
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Suddenly the Ethereum in my crypto wallet feels unusually light…

Ah, good old 2021. The year of lockdowns, Kanye going through stadiums quicker than he delays albums and the world going to every type of shit in existence. But aside from our existential pondering/ranting, it’s also been the year of NFTs, and more specifically, NFT art.

Initially mocked and theorised to be a short-lived fad by curators and artists alike, it’s now one of the dominant forms of media in the electronic space, and just going off last week’s top five selling NFTs, it looks like it’s not going anywhere at all.

Anyway, get ready to feel super poor but inspired for your next crypto-binge, as these bad boys ranged from 370 to 750 ETH ($1.6 million to $3.2 million AUD) when they hit auction last week. Naturally, the ‘Ringers’ collection held two of the top spots, while Chromie Squiggle came in number one. Never thought I’d use any of those words in the same sentence as the word ‘auction,’ but that’s 2021 for you folks; anything for the art. Check it below.


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Words by Amar Gera August 17, 2021
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