Watch: One Of The ‘Jackass’ Guys Got Bitten By A Shark Attempting Stunt
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All in a day’s work…

If you’re anything like me and haven’t cared much about Jackass since about the time you got your first pube, you probably wouldn’t have heard of Poopies (real name Sean McInerney). Now, he will go down in history as the guy from the franchise who was bitten by a shark during Shark Week, which is about as enduring a legacy someone attached to the show can have.

Accepting a challenge from OG Jackass member Chris Pontius, Poopies was attempting to wakeboard over a shark in homage to Fonzie’s “stunt” in an episode of Happy Days. All seems to be going well until he falls and a couple of sharks come in for a nibble:

“We knew there was danger. There’s no question about that,” Poopies told The Daily Beast. “But we didn’t know I was gonna get bit. I mean, it’s a blessing in disguise. I got bit, but it’s the best episode that Shark Week’s ever had.”

With a new movie coming out this year, it seems like the Jackass crew – many of whom are well into their late 40s/early 50s – are still dedicated to punishing their bodies for our entertainment, so why not sit back, switch your mind off and enjoy, right?

July 13, 2021
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