Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Is Psychologically Damaged In Final Trailer
No joke.
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Moving beyond the superhero realm.

Dropping last night, Todd Phillips’ new trailer for Joker further portrays Gotham’s criminal underlord as a loner who turns on the city that has rejected him. Here, we see Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, giving a performance that’s as dark as his Commodus character in Gladiator, if not more psychopathic.

The film carries an R rating and from what we’ve seen deviates from the traditional DC/Marvel superhero format. The viewer is made to feel a sense of compassion and pity for the downtrodden madman, blurring the lines between “right” and “wrong”. Who knows, this may be the Joker to rival Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning 2008 performance in The Dark Knight.

The film will be hitting Australian cinemas October 3rd.

August 29, 2019
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