Logan Paul Apparently Spent $5 Million On Fake Pokèmon Cards
Just another Tuesday for old mate.
Words by Amar Gera January 6, 2022

Just when you thought the Paul family couldn’t be caught doing any more stupid shit, the runt of the litter Logan has been caught red-handed…

And it’s all because of a damn Pokemon card. Those who grew up in the late 90s and early 2000s would be well aware of the special part Pokemon has in all of our hearts; the hallowed cards, eventual TV show and of course games helping to keep us busy in the age of dial up internet and Nintendo 64s.

Thus, you can imagine our (and more specifically my) anger at having a childhood classic tarnished by human shitstain Logan Paul. But of course, after the endless list of stupid shit Paul’s done over the years, I suppose we shouldn’t be totally surprised; nothings off limits for old mate.

Anyway, there’s a literal mountain of evidence against him, and it’s pretty compelling. To give some context, Paul was endorsed by emerging auction platform Superbid, and he’s subsequently bought numerous limited edition Pokemon cards since; most notably the first edition Charizard card that he’s been caught wearing as a necklace (which he claims is worth $1 million and is one of three in the world).


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It’s big money, and he seems to have plenty of it, going so far as paying $3.5 million USD (approximately $5 million AUD) for six “sealed and authenticated” first edition Pokémon booster boxes, which made bloody tsunami waves in the Pokèmon TCG community. To give you a bit of perspective, each booster packs a random set of ten cards each, with each card fetching up to hundreds of thousands individually.

However, some Pokémon experts were a bit suss on the whole transaction due to the rarity of such boosters, and did a little digging. Turns out Paul bought the bloody thing on Ebay, from an extremely suss seller who wouldn’t allow inspection of the package and who reportedly used a fake barcode and plastic wrap. To top it off, the authentication service that gave the go ahead on the boosters have no experience making such evaluations.

There’s a tonne of other evidence against him; but long story short, it looks like old mate had one pulled over him. Check out the Pokèmon expert’s full breakdown of the scandal below.

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