Photoshoot: Shauna Sexton In Los Angeles, Captured By Lorenzo Botero
October 20, 2017

It’s been over a year since Lorenzo Botero last appeared on Life Without Andy, but we’re more than glad that he’s back.

Working under the name @InstaExotics, you’ve probably scrolled through Lorenzo’s FOMO-inducing feed filled with babes and postcard-worthy bodies of water. While his last gallery on LWA saw him take on Miami, this time he headed over to Los Angeles with model Shauna Sexton. It’s a cheeky little gallery from a mansion overlooking the Hills, and enough to have you escaping away from this miserable, gloomy Friday in Sydney.

See it all below, and find more of Shauna over on Instagram:

SF2_8800 SF2_8773 SF2_8816 SF2_8839 SF2_8830 SF2_9461 SF2_9440 SF2_9411
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