‘Joker’ Sequel: New Plot Details Suggest An Escape From Arkham Asylum
Following news of Lady Gaga's involvement in the DC origin story.
Words by Tom Disalvo August 8, 2022

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It’s been reported that a large portion of the much-anticipated follow-up will take place in Arkham Asylum.

Details around the forthcoming sequel to 2019’s Joker have been revealed. According to reports, the film – which recently received an official release date of October 2024 – will be largely based in Arkham Asylum, the facility where Arthur Fleck was placed after his crime spree towards the end of the first film. 

Titled Joker: Folie à Deux, which translates from French to mean “​​shared madness by two people”, the sequel is expected to introduce Harley Quinn, the psychiatrist who meets and falls in love with the villain before the pair embark on a joint descent into mayhem. Quinn’s introduction in the film’s sequel aligns with a similar timeline in the comics, which first chronicle the pair’s romance following the Joker’s Arkham institutionalisation. 


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The plot details suggest that a significant portion of Folie à Deux will take place in the asylum before Fleck is discharged back into Gotham City. The news arrives amid a flurry of additional details revealed around the much-anticipated film, the most recent of which saw Lady Gaga confirm her involvement in the project. 

Taking to Twitter last week, the actress-musician shared a teaser clip for the film with features both hers and Joaquin Phoenix’s surnames, confirming that she’ll appear alongside the Oscar-winner who last donned the red suit as the titular character in 2019’s Joker. Although the specifics of her involvement are yet to be confirmed, fans have speculated that she’ll take on the role of Quinn, a villainess who is elsewhere portrayed by Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad.  

Meanwhile, it’s also been confirmed that Folie à Deux will mark a tonal shift for the franchise, with the sequel taking the form of a musical. Elsewhere, it was reported that after negotiating with director Todd Phillips, Phoenix received a pay rise for his involvement in the sequel, earning some $20 million for Folie à Deux compared to Joker’s $4 million. 


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