Start Hulking Up – WWE Is Offering A Month Of Free Access To Its Subscription Service
It’s defs real!
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I could 100% smash out every Royal Rumble in isolation.

Are you missing sport? Are you missing physical activity? Are you plain bored? Well, we have some great news for your couch-ridden ass. The WWE are offering a month’s worth of free watching when you sign up to their subscription service (AKA a month’s worth of free watching until you cancel your subscription).

“This unprecedented offering to WWE fans worldwide includes each epic installment to date of WrestleMania, plus, every Royal Rumble, SummerSlam and Survivor Series event; every NXT TakeOver and NXT UK TakeOver; and groundbreaking originals such as the entire WWE 24 docuseries, Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions interview show, the recent five-episode hit, WWE Ruthless Aggression, and its 20-episode predecessor, The Monday Night War series,” the WWE stated.

The best part about watching WWE is you won’t have to change the channel so much as it has a little something for everyone: incredible action, emotionally-gripping drama, thumbtacks, people getting buried alive, love, betrayal and much more – that’s what I’ll be telling my girlfriend anyways…

Head here to sign up if you smell what this article is cooking:

Words by Harry Webber March 25, 2020
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