Steel City Launch Australian Pale Ale For You Thirsty Novocastrians
Fkn oath.
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The Newy beer barons have just dropped another ahh… drop… that we can confirm is delicious.

Helmed by a consortium of Novocastrian legends including Andrew Johns, Matty Johns, Ryan Callinan and Craig Anderson, Steel City Beer Co. has been gaining momentum following the April release of their debut lager. Spouting a no-nonsense ethos and simple but refined flavour that harks back to Newcastle’s working-class roots, the beer has become a favourite in the LWA office and beyond in recent months.

Now they’re unleashing a pale ale that balances bitterness and hoppiness perfectly, making sure you don’t feel like you’ve just gulped down a fruit smoothie. We could sit around all day trying to describe this tasty nectar, but the best thing for you to do is probably head out and get yourself some. Peep the Australian Pale Ale below and head here to check stockists near you:

August 26, 2021
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