Someone Flogged A Rare $400K Boat From Rose Bay
Complete with Nespresso machine.
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Think you’ve had a bad day…

Reports have just surfaced that a crim (or group of crims) were able to nick a $400K boat out of Rose Bay a fortnight ago. What’s crazy about it is how easy it was – the person(s) simply untied the Ribco Seafarer 36 and towed it to a boat ramp where they loaded it up onto the back of their ute and took off. The extremely rare boat was owned by a charter company, and I’d hate to be the person responsible for keeping it secure, who surely received a bollocking when they showed up at work the next day.

The 36-ft long boat, which features a Nespresso machine and twin 350hp Mercury Verado engines, is supposedly one of only a few in Australia, so NSW Police are hopeful it will be recognised and reported by a member of the public. The getaway car, a white Volkswagen Amaraok, was last seen head north on New South Head Road, probably straight to the bank.

If you are the person who stole the boat, or have any info, please call our office, we’d love to take this thing for a spin.

May 24, 2021
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