There’s A Steve Irwin Biopic In The Works – Here’s What We Know
We back this hard.
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The biopic of all biopics…

In news that’ll make any Aussie stoked and keen as can be, it’s been reported that there’s a biopic based on the life of croc hunter and national treasure Steve Irwin in the works, and you can bet you’ll never see a Aussie biopic have more backing than this bad boy.

It’s reported that the project has ben gaining momentum as of late, especially due to the fact that it would be filed in Australia, with an insider on the project saying “Any script that can be filmed Down Under is automatically top of the pile right now – and Hollywood bosses love Steve’s life story.”

And in a pretty cool move, it seems Irwin’s family Terri and Bindi will be heavily involved in the production of the film, ensuring that it’s as accurate as possible.

“The family will want Aussie actors for the film, which will pretty much tell Steve’s life story,” the insider added. “And the end will include real footage of the family as they are now. It’s a project they’ve considered before, but now they’re finally ready to give it the green light.”

Regarding casting, 7News has reported that homegrown actors like Chris Hemsworth and Russell Crowe have been put forward for the part, but it seems that Steve’s widow Terri has former Home and Away star Lincoln Lewis in mind for the role.

And it seems Lewis has gotten a whiff of the rumours, responding online “Steve has always been a massive hero of mine & I’ve always said if I’m ever lucky enough to portray someone, the dream would be the great Steve Irwin! Fingers crossed I’ll get an audition.”

Pretty damn exciting; for a little trip down memory lane, check out that time Steve brought a crocodile on Late Night With Conan O’Brien below:

May 5, 2021
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