U.S. Burger Chain Five Guys Set To Debut In Australia
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Never thought I’d see the day…

After years of rumours and teasing, beloved U.S. burger chain Five Guys is set to head down under, planning to open its first stores in Australia in early 2021. If you’re not familiar with the fast food giant, they’re renowned for their made-to-order burgers that boast an option of 15 different toppings. Not to mention, they sell those classic American milkshakes that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Sydney-based Seagrass Boutique Hospitality announced in a statement that they’ve secured the rights to the fast food outlet, saying that they were in the process of finding a venue for the first Australian outlet, with plans to expand nationally as well as into New Zealand.

The popular burger chain already has over 1,500 locations internationally (with Lakers legend Shaquille O’Neall owning over 150 of them), with the UK and Hong Kong being its biggest successes outside the U.S. No doubt it might be just a bit hard expanding overseas given COVID-19 and the current climate, but we have no doubt the Five Guys will figure it out. You could say we’re just a bit keen for the day we get to ask our Uber to swing by one of these joints when we’ve had a long night out on the town.


July 28, 2020
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