Watch: The Berrics ‘Grand Tour’ Stops By Pro-Skater Steve Caballero’s Home
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What a guest…

There Berrics recently had the honour of being invited into legendary pro-skater Steve Caballero’s home for a Grand Tour video and of course it’s straight up amazing. The Bones Brigade OG has been in the world of skateboarding for over four decades, so naturally he’s amassed countless pieces of memorabilia as well as enough anecdotes to last us until the end of time, both of which he treats The Berrics to in the five minute clip.

Sporting a cast on his right leg, the California native showed off everything from original Glenn Friedman photographs to Lance Mountain Paintings and a special design sketch for one of his signature Vans models, the Cab 5.

He also treats us to a classic skating story from his early days, telling the story of a re-created Powell-Peralta Bones Brigade deck, which was used off an original he owned in 1980. It’s super rare too, with only six copies of the deck in existence (another being owned by Tony Hawk).

He also gets deep on his video game collectible collection (something everyone should aspire to have), talking about how he came to own an OG Atari 720 arcade game, as well as the vinyl toys that served as inspo for his fit in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2, which were recently announced to be getting remastered.

What a cool way to honour the skateboarding OG, here’s hoping they get plenty more legends on the beloved series…


May 22, 2020
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