Watch: Damon, Casey Affleck, Jack Harlow Star In Trailer For ‘The Instigators’
Where's Ben?
Words by Ned Simes June 14, 2024

A film starring Ben Affleck’s brother, best friend, with a plot that is similar to The Town….

Well look, at least they’ve got the Bourne films’ director Doug Liman on board, so the action scenes whiould be pretty soid, right?

All jokes aside (which may be a fitting way to describe this “action-comedy”), the trailer for The Instigators does look like a bit of fun, with Damon doing Damon and Casey Affleck not going anywhere near Oscar territory.

The plot is easy enough to understand: Rory and Cobby are unlikely partners thrown together for a heist. However, when it goes awry, they team up to outrun police, backward bureaucrats, and a vengeful crime boss.

There are plenty of actors to love on the side to with Alfred Molina, Hong Chau, Michael Stuhlbarg, Paul Walter Hauser, Ron Perlman, and Ving Rhame, all in on the action.

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