Watch: Dave Chappelle Reminds Us He’s The GOAT With Post-Election SNL Monologue
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Dave’s the man…

Dave Chappelle’s SNL appearance following the election in 2016 was absolutely amazing, his Emmy-winning Walking Dead sketch and opening monologue being hailed by the masses for its straight up insane hilarity in the face of uncertain times. Now, with another election taking place four years later (with a slightly different result), it was only natural that Dave returned for another cheeky set.

The monologue saw him get deep on a bunch of controversial topics, ranging from “thanking” COVID for putting mass shootings on hold (fuck me Dave) to taking the piss out of Trump catching COVID as well as a bunch of other shit that only Dave could get away with.

But the ending to his monologue was absolutely perfect, preaching the importance of being a “humble winner” as well as encouraging harmony and awareness in light of all the division facing America right now. It just goes to show that although Dave is a fucking savage and isn’t afraid to offend anybody, he’s all about those positive vibes. Check out the conclusion to the memorable monologue below.

November 9, 2020
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