Watch: Keanu Reeves Is Back In New ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Teaser
Full trailer tomorrow!
Words by Amar Gera September 8, 2021

Been waiting a long time for this…

Sci-Fi fanatics and action-lovers hold on tight, as the teaser for the highly anticipated reboot of the Matrix series The Matrix Resurrections just dropped, with a full length version dropping tomorrow.

Naturally, the teaser (or teasers) is bathed in endless smoke and mirrors, and as a result we’ve been left with far more questions than any of us anticipated. Released onto the interactive site, director and writer of the new epic Lana Wachowski has somehow managed to capture the cryptic and meta-theatrical feeling of the 1999 film and inject right into the rollout of the film itself.

To be specific, the site gives the viewer the choice of the red or blue pill similarly to the choice Laurence Fishburnes Morpheus offered Neo in the first movie, with the red pill symbolising unplugging from the simulation and the blue embracing the mantra of ‘ignorance is bliss.’ The resulting trailers follow these descriptions to the letter, with the red pill trailer voiced over by Yahya Abdul-Mateen’s II (who’s suspected to play a young Morpheus) as he urges the viewer to find the truth, whereas the blue pill trailer, voiced over by Neil Patrick Harris’ yet-to-be announced character, sees NPH try to convince the viewer that the they’re losing touch with reality. It can be assumed that both are speaking to Keanu Reeves’ Neo, but pretending they’re talking to us just makes it that much more meta.

Now, this is where it gets complicated, as the teasers are continuing to shift and change. Right from the time they cite (which aligns with whatever time you click on the trailer) along with various clips from the film. You could watch two of the red pill trailers five minutes apart and see at least a scene or two differing between them.

But highlights/commonalities between all of the teasers include the return of Keanu Reeves as Neo (who looks like he’s just walked off the set of John Wick, but we’re not mad at it), him fighting a young Morpheus in a dojo, his reunion with Trinity (it’s bittersweet though) as well as some beautifully striking shots of the machines in the real world doing a bunch of suss shit. A bunch of newcomers make appearances too, with Johnathon Groff’s character having his mouth webbed shut in a reference to the first film along with a blue-haired Jessica Fenwick kicking a bunch of ass.

It’s bloody thrilling, and despite everything riding against it, it seems the Matrix fandom agrees. Check out two versions of the red and blue pill teasers above and head here to get your own personalised versions of them. And keep your eye out on our socials, as we’ll be taking a little trip down Matrix memory lane later today to get ready for the full trailer tomorrow…


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