Watch: Matt Damon & Adam Driver Face Off In Opening Scene For ‘The Last Duel’
Solid casting!
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That mullet deserves a spin-off of its own…

Building hype for its upcoming mid-century epic The Last Duel, 20th Century Studios have given us a cheeky sneak peak of the opening scene of the Ridley Scott-directed spectacle, and they kick things off with leading stars Matt Damon and Adam Driver.

Based on the novel by Eric Jagger, the film follows Jean de Carrouges (Damon) on his quest to kill his former best mate Jacques Le Gris (Driver), who’s been accused of assaulting Damon’s wife. Naturally, as was practice way back then, the two let Jacques’ innocence be decided by a trial by combat, or a ‘Last Duel’ as it were (only pun in this article I swear).

It’s a pretty tense premise, and the new clip follows suit, the opening five minutes following the two warriors as they prepare for their face-off. Featuring grey skies, the assembling of steel battle armour and Damon’s much-discussed mullet that would fit perfectly in the Eric Banner classic Chopper (if you know you know), it’s got all the hallmarks of a medieval showdown.

Of course the clip ends rather ominously, leaving us guessing as to who got their ass kicked (and who did the ass-kicking). But it’s a worthy teaser as to what to expect, introducing us to the world Scott has created along with other main characters like Jodie Comer’s Marguerite.

No doubt we’ll be well prepared when it’s released in theatres on October 15th. Chuck on some chainmail and check out the full opening scene from The Last Duel below.

Words by Amar Gera October 6, 2021
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