Watch: Mia Khalifa Caught Picking Up Dog Poo With Face Mask… Before Putting It Back On!
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Former pornstar Mia Khalifa has been caught doing some gross AF shit while walking her doggo, and it’s safe to say this is some of the strangest dog walking we’ve ever seen. The video in question sees the 27-year-old take off her face mask after her dog takes a shit and use it to throw it in a bin.

However, in a very shocking turn of events that’s a smidge traumatising, she then puts the mask back on (post-dog poo).

Unluckily for her, someone happened to be right there filming the whole shebang. Even more unluckily however, was that that someone was none other than producer Benny Blanco (you know, that guy who currently has a song with Justin Bieber out right now). Thus, he shared the vid with his 480,000+ TikTok Tok followers, with a simple yet effective caption saying “I just saw Mia Khalifa put poop on her face.”

The video has since been viewed more than 8.3 million times, with Mia acknowledging that it was indeed her in the video, writing: “Honestly, I’d rather be shamed for this than not wearing a mask. AT LEAST I’M NOT AN ANTI-MASKER!!!!!!”

I mean, you can be pro-mask while being pro-dog shit bag, but then again what do I know…

Check the full video below.

December 19, 2020
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