Watch: Photographer Rory King On His Approach To Creativity & Storytelling
A must-see for creatives.
Words by Harry Webber July 3, 2024

Ahead of his exhibition Bushranger Blue exhibition at Seventh Gallery, which opens tomorrow night, get (more) familiar with Rory King.

If you’ve dipped your tows into the world of Australian photographers you’ll probably already be aware of Rory King. His work, which is mostly black and white portraiture and landscape, paints our country with a near-gothic brush while opening space for this deep nostalgic reflection. Using traditional shooting and developing techniques gives his work this richness that rewards closer inspection; discovering his Instagram portfolio is like stumbling across a dusty album filled with gems.

Newcastle-based photographer and videographer Will Vallender spent some time with Rory recently, probing him on his motivations and relationship to his photography. The video, which you can watch below, is shot and edited with a masterful touch that does justice to the ruminative nature of its subject:

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Rory King’s work up close and personal at Seventh Gallery (details in the post below) and follow him here:


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