Watch: UFC Announcer Helps Someone Break Up With Their Girlfriend Over Cameo
Oh my god.
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Amazing and outrageous…

Cameo has lit up the culture this year, helping to connect celebrities and fans like never before. Built off the idea of getting famous people to record a personal message for someone, the site has truly seen it all. But a recent video recorded by UFC announcer Bruce Buffer might just be the best and worst video to come off the website all year, with the UFC announcer being paid $299 USD (about $400 AUD) to help someone break up with their significant other.

Dressed in his iconic tux and bow tie, Bruce doesn’t at all hold back, getting super animated with his iconic catchphrase as he announces that “IT’S TIIIIIMMMMMMEEEEEE” and then hilariously subverts all our expectations, stating that it’s indeed time for someone named Kayleigh to “move on.”

It’s actually ridiculous how hard he commits to the video, the 14 seconds feeling like a mini UFC announcement for a title or heavyweight bout. The fact that he’s in his UFC tux makes it so much better, adding that extra bit of realism that’s just so satisfying.

F in the chat for Kayleigh, but at least she has a break up story that’s just a bit hilarious. Check the full video below.

December 15, 2020
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