We Went A Little Crazy At Mary’s New Pizzeria
Good lord.
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We headed into the Lansdowne to check out how the burger-slingin’ team from Mary’s fare as pizza pushers.

We all know the crew at Mary’s know how to make mouth-watering food. Their Newtown restaurant/pub/dungeon has reached cult status around the country, and become the marker at which new burger joints are compared to, with hungry customers lining up outside the door nearly constantly. But does their foray in pizzas deliver the same level of satisfaction to the masses?

Firstly, the restaurant is walled off from the rest of the pub and has some interesting artwork on the wall, including (possibly) the original Mona Lisa. It’s right next to the kitchen so you can smell the food coming, and you know that you are pretty much getting served straight from the oven, which is always good. We give the atmosphere a solid 4/5, but let’s not pretend we are here to check out the furniture.

Ok. So we ordered a real variety of pizzas; Detroit style (those square ones with the crunchy crust), New York style, vegan, vego, and meat, as well as some deep-fried mushrooms (must have) and some spicy wings to start. We even tried a couple of glasses of their wines because why the fuck not.

The votes among our group were pretty evenly split when it came to choosing which between the Detroit or New York dough. Needless to say, both were bloody delicious, and it seems like the guys (owner, Jake Smyth and Executive Chef, Jimmy Garside) have really committed to perfecting these two iconic pizza styles.

The Pepperoni, which features “shitloads of ‘roni cups, red sauce & triple cheese”, was out of control tasty, especially with the crunchy Detroit base, whilst the Funghi, which has three different types of mushroom and extra cheese left everyone speechless (literally no one talked whilst shovelling it in). Special mention to the spicy Vegan Supreme, which pleased the whole table.

We left completely stuffed with an overwhelming sense of shame at how quickly we ate, which is the perfect indicator of how much we loved the food. Just thinking about it now is starting to make us hungry again. Check out the gallery below and call 0434 816 430 to book in (you can only book tables between 2PM and 6PM) – the pizzeria is open the same times as the Lansdowne Hotel (AKA you can get delicious pizza at 1AM):

Monday – 4PM – 2AM
Tuesday – 4PM – 2AM
Wednesday – 4PM -2AM
Thursday – 4PM – 2AM
Friday – 12PM – 2AM
Saturday – 12PM – 2AM
Sunday – 12PM – 12AM

Words by Harry Webber November 13, 2018