Photos by Mitch Tomlinson November 19, 2021

A reunion of LWA’s closest pals in honour of the Vans initiative.

If there’s any initiative to get around as the year wraps up, it’s Vans’ annual Checkerboard Day. It’s the shoe and apparel brand’s largest philanthropic event, and it donates over $1 million to 16 charities across the globe, with a specific focus on those regional organisations involved in revitalising public spaces.

To celebrate, we hosted a stack of athletes, artists, models and other friends of LWA at our office for a day full of banter, drinks and of course, checkerboard print. Chatting about the Vans initiative and never missing a photo-op of the brand’s staple footwear, the coming-together of various creatives was a perfect reflection of Vans’ checkerboard mission. 

See more from our Vans’ Checkerboard Day celebrations in the gallery above. Enjoy!

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