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Endless ways to rock them…

2021 is the year Crocs are Calling All Classics, taking the time to recount the numerous staples in footwear they’ve been responsible for over the years while pushing things forward as they continue on in the new decade.

The ‘Crocs Classic Range’ features everything from the ‘ICONIC’ Classic clog (the croc that started it all) to new additions to the Classic Family and the Classic Crocs Scandal. All of the above come in various colours with unique features that enable wearers to rock them to the fullest while making them their own.

To test out the new range, we got a bunch of pals into the LWA office the other week to put their own spin on the Classics, with everyone from Flex Mami to Froomes (who just gave us the most on-point guide to overrated Sydney and Melbourne spots, check it here), Bianca Beers, Dante Knows and countless more coming in to rock the new kicks. Check it out via the gallery above and be sure to shop the Crocs Classic range here.

Words by Mitch Tomlinson June 10, 2021
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