Stiletto & Gumboot Crocs Surface At Balenciaga’s Spring 2020 Collection
Divisive to say the least…
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High fashion and the foam clog collide once again…

In an age where we are spending more time than ever sitting on our arses at home prioritising comfort over trends, could there be a better moment to be a Croc? I’m not saying I have a deep desire to be trodden on day in and day (no judgement if you do), I’m referring to the success of the humble foam clog in aligning itself with the biggest names in fashion. If one thing has emerged from covid stronger, other than the many mutations of the virus, it’s Crocs.

Their latest collab, which was unveiled along with Balenciaga’s Spring 2020 Collection, sees the Colorado company offer stiletto and gumboot versions in grey, black and sickly green. Like their recent linking up with Yeezy, Justin Bieber, and even KFC, the shoes feel like more of a statement piece than a practical footwear option, and have naturally sent the internet naysayers into a spin:

As someone who’s spent the bulk of the past 12 months working from home, rarely getting out of my slippers, I say live and let live. Don’t let Twitter stop you from being the best Crocs-wearing person you can be. Check them out below and head here to shop crocs now.

Words by Harry Webber June 8, 2021
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