Here’s The Best Memes And Twitter Reactions From This Year’s Met Gala
Crimes against fashion.
Words by Tom Disalvo May 4, 2022

Images via Twitter users @MelissaCaddick and @ray_f13

Global issues were put on hold yesterday as the world watched rich people doing rich people things…

Every year during the annual Met Gala, the world’s biggest celebrities don outlandish costumes and call it ‘fashion,’ and every year –  like clockwork – they receive a (deserved) roasting online. Held yesterday at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, this year’s edition of ‘Rich People Wildin’ Out’ welcomed everyone from a sequin breasted Niki Minaj to a lookalike Jared Leto (as if one wasn’t enough). 

Whether it’s a bunch of white dudes being invited to fashion’s biggest night and deciding on a Year 10 formal suit, Elon Musk’s simple existence, or attendees taking the ‘Gilded Glamour’ theme as more of a light suggestion, the Twittersphere rightfully had a lot to say as guests arrived at the red carpet/ circus show. Here’s some of the best reactions to this year’s Met Gala, brought to you from users no-doubt wearing sweatpants and a sloppy joe. 

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