Fashion 3m

A dream team joins forces for the staple vintage shoe.

When you’re thinking Vans, you’re probably thinking skating, surfing, live music and creative projects, aren’t you? Rocky cliffs and Gucci tuxedos are probably the last things you’d expect from the OG action sports brand, right? Well prepare to have your perception altered (duuuuude), with our latest shoot starring the gorgeous Amber and Daia who radiate more attitude than a Karen convention.

Wearing the Vans Authentics and Old Skools, which seem to be having a big moment around the world right now, the duo look like they’re in that femme punk band that your parents hate. You know, the one where the only thing that breaks up the wailing distorted guitars is the guttural screams. Check them out in the gallery and video below, and head here to shop the Authentic and Old Skool now!

PRODUCTION: Life Without Andy
TALENT: Amber PriceDaia
FILM: Sam Page
PHOTOGRAPHY: Mitch Tomlinson
MAKE UP: Max Artistry
STYLIST: Isabelle Miki

Words by Tom Disalvo April 27, 2021
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