Soak Up The Last Days Of Summer With Kathmandu’s ‘Chase The Light’ Range
Embrace the seasonal change by layering pieces from the Autumn 2023 collection
February 20, 2023

Summer is the season to thrive outside. The warm sunshine, natural greenery and unbridled optimism in the air are panaceas for the indoor isolation in our daily lives.

But eventually the season starts to shift: the invigorating heat settles into a cooler chill, blossoms and leaves begin to litter the ground, and the sunny technicolor fades. It’s the end of summer, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to pack up and shut in.

Kathmandu’s “Chase the Light” range captures the joy of soaking up those precious last days of summertime. The global outdoor brand seeks to improve the wellbeing of the world by getting people to spend more time outside, and does so through the best technical and durable gear that can weather any season. The Autumn 2023 collection underscores this ethos, encouraging us to embrace the seasonal transition and pursue the remaining rays of sunshine out in the open.

It helps that our desire to be outdoors is at an all time high. Adventure-seeking millennials are placing greater significance on unplugging and reconnecting with nature, and expect their clothing to support that lifestyle without sacrificing on looks. The “Chase the Light” range consists of versatile and practical pieces that can be easily incorporated into everyday wardrobes for outdoor recreation. Take the Carrillon Long Sleeve Shirt; available in a rich palette of natural colors, the comfortable flannel is crafted from hollow fibre yarns to be the lightest it has ever been while keeping warm, perfect for layering either as a statement top or patterned accent under layers.

For colder climes, simply fleece up with the Ridge range of jackets, pullovers and vests for additional warmth; the super lightweight apparel is even made from Primaloft Bio, a 100% recycled fabric. The new Ohoka style of feel-good fleece provides freedom of movement thanks to its four-way stretch and keeps you toasty with a fuzzy warm inside. Lastly, the technical Amphi Rain Jacket is a waterproof, windproof and breathable outer shell featuring a two-layer partially bio based membrane which incorporates plant-based renewable materials.

The quick-drying EVRY-Day Pants and roomy Amphi Pack round out the new season offerings, allowing you to traverse the changing seasons with ease. Even as we say goodbye to summer, there’s no reason to stop venturing outside with Kathmandu’s easy-to-wear outdoor gear.

Check out the Kathmandu “Chase the Light” range on and in stores now.

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