Artist Of The Week: Great Gable Return With Indie Perfection ‘Best Friend’
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Words by Harry Webber February 9, 2024

Image by Tom Lewis //

The WA indie rockers have shared their first release of 2024.

If you’re new to Great Gable’s music, the only way I can think to describe it is a melted rainbow Paddle Pop getting slowly dripped into your mouth-ears on a hot summer’s day. And look, I’m aware that “mouth ears” are not a real thing, but I’m trying to describe a flavour that you can listen to, it’s not easy.

The latest tune from the WA outfit follows on from their 2023 Read The Room EP and nicely embodies everything we’ve come to love about the group. It’s pushed by an up-tempo dance-ready beat, got the kind of chorus that you can imagine raising a tin to at a fezzy, and some delightfully hooky melodies – if you listen to this and don’t walk away singing “nahhhh, na nah nahhhhh”like they do in the outro, you need to get your ears checked out.

“‘Best Friend’ was written and recorded in the middle of a Western Australian summer. The song reminds me of being at home with my best friend doing all the little things that make our home and life so special. It feels warm and nostalgic just like a trip to your favourite beach.” says frontman Alex Whiteman.

You can stream ‘Best Friend’ right here and follow Great Gable on IG here. Word on the street is they have a bunch of new music coming in 2024…

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