Brendon Urie Calls Out Trump After His Playing Of A Panic! At The Disco Song
Calling out the president.
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Musicians really don’t like Trump…

In another instalment of musos calling out Trump for playing their music, Panic! at the Disco’s Brendon Urie has called out Trump (called out is a bit of an understatement actually) for the campaign’s use of their song ‘High Hopes’. The campaign used the 2018 Pray For The Wicked single at a rally in Phoenix. Urie, understandably outraged by the move, responded with the most wholesome “f**k you” and urged fans to vote him out in the upcoming election.

“Stop playing my song … Donald Trump represents nothing we stand for,” Urie tweeted. “The highest hope we have is voting this monster out in November.”

Urie has been extremely critical of Trump and his antics for years, with him saying in an interview in 2018 “Why couldn’t you have just stayed a menial celebrity. We love laughing at you, but not when you’re breaking our country down. Your rhetoric is so poisonous. You toxic, toxic orange.”

Urie’s calling out of Trump comes just days after Tom Petty’s family issued a cease and desist letter to the president for the campaign’s use of the Tom Petty song ‘I Wont Back Down’. Along with Petty’s family, Urie joins the likes of Neil Young, Adele, Pharrell, The Rolling Stones and Pharrell who have all requested that the president not use their music. Let’s hope he actually respects their wishes…


June 25, 2020
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