‘She’ To ‘How Can I Make It OK?’ – Wolf Alice’s Music Videos Ranked
Peep their 'Welcome Sessions' performance too!
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You’ve seen their Jim Beam Welcome Sessions performance, now it’s time to enter the Wolf Alice wormhole.

You know that saying, “all good things must come to an end”? Well, that doesn’t mean we can’t hold on for dear life to them, right? Over the past few months we’ve seen exclusive we’ve sets from Jack Garrat, Fontaines D.C., and José González, closing out with a ripping version of ‘Lipstick on the Glass’ from Wolf Alice, all part of the Jim Beam Welcome Sessions. But now there’s a big Welcome Sessions-shaped hole in our schedule that needs to be filled.

Fear not! We’re going to keep that party alive with a deep dive into the music videos of Wolf Alice that will take you all the way back to their 2013 debut EP Blush through to their latest release ‘How Can I Make It OK?’. Check it out below and peep the rest of the Jim Beam Welcome Sessions via their official YouTube channel here:

‘Space & Time’ (2017)

We’ve seen the runaway bride trope a million times, but watching Ellie Rowsell bolting through the countryside with no idea of what she’s running from or where she’s headed is a nice little twist. The shots here are movie quality too!


‘Last Man On Earth’ (2021)

Fittingly sombre visuals, there’s something really arthouse about this clip that makes it so immersive each time. Doesn’t hurt that the song is tugging at our heartstrings too…


‘You’re A Germ’ (2015)

Heeeeeeeres Wolfy! We’re suckers for a little bit of horror every now and then, and what could be more horror than an axe tearing through a wooden door?


‘Smile’ (2021)

We’re not sure where on earth this bar is, but it looks like a whole heap of fun…


‘Heavenward’ (2017)

Ever watch a video of a band on tour and can’t help but wish you were with them? Life on the road with Wolf Alice would be awesome!


‘Freazy’ (2015)

This clip imitates those super-exposed, hyperreal world that was the flavour of music videos in the 90s, and it seems like the band are paying a bit of a tongue-in-cheek homage to clips by acts like B*Witched and Crazy Town… Yes… we remember them…


‘Beautifully Unconventional’ (2017)

This time they’re throwing back to a completely different decade, imitating the sets of 60s music shows, with some big Marilyn Monroe vibes in there too:


‘No Hard Feeling’ (2021)

We love the exploration of colour and light in this one, but watching it without sounds makes it look a lot like an ad for colour printing, which is not a diss… we swear.


‘How Can I Make It OK?’ (2021)

Once again we’re hitting our favourite bar for some entertainment. Not sure if the joke is on the performer or us, but either way, we’re laughing.


‘Sadboy’ (2018)

Do you ever have one of those nights where everything is a little off? Weird places, weird people, weird times? This clip sums up that sentiment perfectly.


‘Yuk Foo’ (2017)

A gritty clip to match the gritty intensity of the tune. You know what “Yuk Foo” means, don’t you?


‘Giant Peach’ (2015)

A sleazy music industry type, a medieval jam, some hectic rifferey – what more could you ask for?


‘Moaning Lisa Smile’ (2014)

What do you do when you get rejected by the cool kids? You team up with some drag queens for a vengeful dance, of course…


‘She’ (2013)

An oldie but a goodie, this one again deals with identity struggles as we watch our protagonist getting torn up on the inside, waiting to be set free.


‘Blush’ (2013)

Is it a coincidence that two of Wolf Alice’s earlier clips feature at the bottom of this listicle? Just goes to show you that in the early days all they needed to do was get the music out there and the people would follow…


Words by Harry Webber September 28, 2021
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