A Dancing Pig Takes Over Melbourne In Visuals For Fan Girl’s Gritty Tune ‘little pig’
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June 27, 2024

Image by  Jess Hauenstein //

Last time we heard from Fan Girl they were making a DIY horror film for ‘the last one’ now they’re unleashing horror on Melbourne.

Finding it pretty tough to put a precise finger on the sound of Fan Girl (which is always a good sign!). On one hand they’re throwing back to early 2000s indie, then on the other they’re sounding like post-grunge kinda guitar “pop”. Ugh. This is a good reminder that trying to describe music is so much more clumsy than just playing someone a song and letting them make their own mind up.

What we can say is that they’ve failed at any point to make their music boring. From the beginnings of ‘little pig’ the group give us tension which is drilled home by singer Noah Harris’ anxious-yet-playful vocals. He could sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star’ and it would probably feel intense. Glorious.


“The track came together almost instantly. Dropped in our laps, like an otherwise unwanted bag of potatoes. And we were so ready to make some chippies. With “little pig”, we just wanted to make something sprawling, wonky and grand. Samples, strings, phasers, double drums. The full buffet,” the band says.

Once we had wrapped up tracking at our studio, we sent it off to Oli Barton-Wood (Nilüfer Yanya, Shame, Do Nothing) in London, who added his secret mixing potion to the bubbling cauldron, before being delivered to mastering engineer Felix Davis (Porridge Radio, Folly Group, The Murder Capital) for the final mastering garnish. Bon Appetit my friends.”

Fan girl will be hitting the road throughout July in celebration of the new single, lighting up stages in Melbs, Adelaide, Canberra and Sydney before doing an EU/UK tour in Sept/Oct. Check out the dates below and head to fangirl.com.au for Australian tour details. Oh and stream ‘little pig’ here.

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