Watch: Swimming Pools On Stage & Pure Liquid Dopamine With Dantè Knows
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September 8, 2023

Video by Liam Wall //

Note to self: Never ask Dantè to draw someone again…

The rate at which acclaimed hip hop duo Dantè Knows (made up of Dantè and Tasker) is rising through the Aussie music scene is stratospheric to say the least, the in-demand MC and producer making waves for their hybridised hip hop and rock creations that defy genre and boundary.

Their latest release, ‘Fable’, ventures further into the moody depths, utilising abrasive drum lines and slick autotuned sonics from Dantè himself as they recount their adventures in the forestland of NSW. It continues a winning soak from Knows’ VICIOUS EP that was released last year, and is leading the charge for rising MCs all over the nation. It’s a truth that’s totally on display ever when you attend one of the pair’s Bodega Collective events, and judging by the turnout at their recent World Cup party, it seems there are plenty of MCs and producers following the pair’s example.

We caught up with the Inner West larrikins amid studio sessions to get the drop on their prolific partnership, their dream headline gigs and more. Check it out in full below, presented by Boost Mobile.


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