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We both know you’ve got nothing on this weekend, so here are some brand new toons to brighten up your dreary life, presented by Jim Beam:

GAUCI – ‘Anxious’

There’s something really intoxicating about Sydney trio GAUCI’s self-titled EP which dropped today. Could it be the shimmering synths, brooding melodies or the at-times infectious beats? Maybe. The collection of tracks, on the whole, has made us re-evaluate our stance on “pop”, with the group proving the genre can be as nourishing as any other. Within GAUCI is a darkwave spirit that they’ve tamed, polished and modernised for your listening pleasure and ‘Anxious’ is (so far) the track that’s reeled us in the furthest:

Nerve – ‘Reese’s Pieces’

Is Nerve Australia’s most food-focussed rapper? Following on from breakout single ‘Sunday Roast’, the Brisbane emcee has returned with a bass-heavy absolute sizzler that sees him hype himself in an undeniably confident way. By the end of the track, however, you can’t argue with him, just “Pull up your socks – this is a BOP.”

Death By Denim – ‘Caged’

The latest tune from WA four-piece Death By Denim, which also comes with news that their new debut record Sleepless and Sunkissed is coming November 27th, is anything but ‘Caged’. Here, the group take us on an intergalactic journey, laying down spacey synths with delay-soaked vocals on a bed of up-tempo beats and unrelenting bass. If you want your indie-rock elevated into the next dimension, this one’s for you:

CHAII – ‘WOW (Look At Me)’

Taking another leap towards total world domination, CHAII delivers and anthemic stomper that follows on from this year’s Lightswitch EP. Demanding the attention of her audience and beyond, she sways between hard-hitting verses and a chorus that feels like it was made for the festival stages. “In ‘WOW’ I talk about being in your own lane and taking risks. The ‘Look at me, wow’ hook is aimed towards social media culture and how some people would do anything to be seen,” she says of the track.

CXLOE – ‘Zombie’

Fancy finishing your week with a big emo blast from the past. Yes, we’re aware that The Cranberries, who are the original writers of ‘Zombie’ are not emo, but we feel like CXLOE brings that goth energy to this one in a big way. Her debut EP Heavy Part One is also out today for you to bask in this weekend – listen here.

October 16, 2020
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