Five Fresh Tracks To Dip Into This Weekend
Presented by Jim Beam.
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It’s that time of the week again when you can put your brain to rest, sit back and let us do some playlisting for you. Here are five tracks that are so shiny and new, you probs ain’t even heard of them. Presented by Jim Beam:

The Lulu Raes – ‘Not For The Weekend’

Pretty sure that there is a vault somewhere packed full of sugary indie-pop bangers like this that only the Lulu Raes have access to. They’ve also teased on socials that this may be part of an EP, which is pretty much the best news we’ve had all month, maybe all year…

“When this song was first being written, it was written as a middle finger to someone who had decided it was time to move on with their life. Eventually, it morphed into self-reflection, and now it’s really a peace offering to that person. Hope you’re doing well,” the band says of the track.

Chris Lanzon – ‘New York, Falling Apart’

We’ve been backing/following Sydney artist Chris Lanzon for quite some time now, and just yesterday he released a track that sees him reach another musical milestone. ‘New York, Falling Apart’ is his most symphonic release yet, beginning as a softly sung ballad before taking off in a huge crescendo outro that makes us feel like we’re flying. Big words. Big track. Get into it:

The Jungle Giants – ‘In Her Eyes’

If there was a weird clip of the week award (which there probably is somewhere) we would 100% be nominating this one by indie juggernauts The Jungle Giants. The video sees frontman Sam Hale – successful, wealthy and linen-clad – meet his dream partner who very much resembles Sam himself. Of course, the track is a typically catchy earworm plucked from their swelling ahh… earworm farm(?)… and is taken from their fourth record, due in 2021:

Saint Lane – ‘The Water’

Saint Lane’s EP If I Leave You In The Fire

has just dropped and if you’re anywhere near as keen as us, you’ll have already listened to it a couple of times, and if you’re ears are working right, you’ll have fallen in love with his soulful new tune ‘The Water’ pretty much instantaneously. The tune combines gospel hooks with Gold Coast via New Zealand rapper’s smooth flow on full display. Make sure you give the whole EP a good blasting this weekend and thank us later:

Hooligan Hefs – ‘Send It’

Well christ. Hooligan Hefs is here to deliver the most important message you could hear this week… The Western Sydney rapper even works in a healthy amount of gabbering for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy your weekend:

November 20, 2020
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