Hockey Dad, Jaguar Jonze & More To Play Back In The Sun Festival In Port Macquarie Next Month
Oh sunny days.
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The people behind Festival Of The Sun are bringing a brand new mini-fest to NSW.

You remember festivals, don’t you? You know, those things we would go to with mates, where music would play, maybe we’d enjoy a beer or two? Remember? Well, Back In The Sun Festival is here to remind you of those days that now seem like they occurred a million years ago (but was actually on about eight months ago).

Wollongong indie-rockers Hockey Dad, spaghetti Western-themed songstress Jaguar Jonze, WHARVES and SCUFFS will all be jumping on stage at Port Macquarie’s Westport Park on Friday, December 11th. Only thing is, there are a mere 500 tickets available, so you had best get in quick!

Head here to pick some up and guarantee you don’t miss out on an epic live music experience this year…

November 20, 2020
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