Guilty Pleasures: Here’s What Indie-Rocker Aislinn Young Is Vibing On The Hush Hush
Coming straight from her JBL Live Pro+ headphones.
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When you hear Aislinn Young, you think Neil Young, Kurt Vile and PJ Harvey…

Brooding vocals, backed by strummy electric guitar, and low-fi production, it’s hard not to imagine Aislinn sitting by the record player absorbing the music of 70s icons and the artists that they’ve influenced. But that doesn’t mean the Sydney-based songstress doesn’t opt for saucey beats, sleazy lyrics and a little bit of G-funk every now and then.

That’s the cold hard truth that we extracted from her when we recently teamed up with JBL to find out her musical guilty pleasures. Don’t just take our word for it though, climb aboard Aislinn Young’s Cadillac below and strap yourself in for some early 2000s West Coast rapping, below. Oh, and head here to check out JBL’s Live Pro+ noise-cancelling headphones:

September 14, 2021
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