On Hold With… WIIGZ
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Image & video by Thomas Crews / Edit by Jordan Coles //

We catch up with Brissy duo WIIGZ for the return of On Hold…

Missing gigs, whacky interviews and basically anything that doesn’t involve the good old Rona? We are too, so we decided to bring back an old classic for your viewing pleasure in On Hold.

To refresh your memory, it’s a rapid fire Q&A series with Boost Mobile where we ask our favourite artists the hard-hitting questions: we’re talking Netflix binges, lock screen wallpapers and so much more. We get the drop on everything music and pop culture, all in an effort to get to know our local musos and their opinions on the important issues (you don’t truly know someone until you know what their first phone was).

So, we figured we’d once again team up with Boost Mobile for a special Brisbane run of On Hold, and we’re kicking things off with disco duo WIIGZ, the brains behind recent hits ‘Red Hot Pants’ and ‘wwwwwhy.’ Clothing choices, Netflix binges and the Met Gala; we ask the two starlets about it all in the first instalment, and they hit us with some quality answers.


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So keep your eyes peeled, because we’ve got plenty more episodes to hit you with over the next couple of weeks. But for now, check out the series return above, and head here to follow WIIGZ on Instagram to stay in the know about their next funkadelic track:


Words by Amar Gera October 7, 2021
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