Spacey Jane Feast On Eyeballs & Veggies In ‘Lunchtime’ Visuals
Road-trip ready!
Words by Amar Gera October 7, 2021

Image via Charlie Hardy // 

Following a year of seemingly non-stop touring and music releases, the Perth four-piece have found some time to deliver new tunes…

Hot off having the type of year any Aussie band would dream of, Hot 100 runners up Spacey Jane have today dropped another single in ‘Lunchtime,’ getting us ready for the return of regional travel and those multi-hour road trips their tunes have soundtracked over the years.

Musically, the track adheres to the signature sound the Spaceys burst onto the scene with in 2019, fast paced drums and fuzzy guitar lines soundtracking frontman Caleb’s roaring vocals. Bass player Pepper gets a whole lot of shine as well, coming through with a groovy as hell bassline along with some high energy harmonies on the hook.

The accompanying clip starts off with the a deadpan dinner scene that somehow reminded me of the opening scene of Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs. Instead of wildly philosophical dialogue about Madonna however, ‘Lunchtime’ blares in the background as the band members stare at each other intently (with literally no blinking). Finally, ending the iciness, frontman Caleb starts his verse, all before the gang dig into the eccentric food on display (anyone fancy some veggies or an eyeball?).

But of course, the video treats us to a montage of the band mid-jam, interspersed with surreal visuals and exploration of Whadjuk Noongar land. It’s definitely a big progression from early visuals from the band like ‘Good For You’ and ‘Skin,’ but it’s just as engaging. Check it out below and be sure to buy/stream ‘Lunchtime’ here.

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