Homegrown Fire: Five Local Artists We’re Bumping On Repeat
Burning baby.
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Still waiting for someone to call the fire department…

How are you all going lovely people? We hope you’re having a straight up beautiful day this Wednesday. The sun is up, good vibes are in the air and there’s art being created at every corner. We’re soaking it all up; feeding on the endless rays and banging tunes dropped by our local acts each and every day. We’re hooked, and we’re loving every second of it.

But let’s get to the main event: five fire tunes by local artists, coming right up.

Check it below.

Eagle Eye Jones – ‘Alpine Meadows’

Northern Beaches rockers Eagle Eye Jones reach into the depths of the soul with their latest dream ‘Alpine Meadows,’ painting an ethereal portrait of the natural world thats filled to the brim with potent messaging and thematic resonance. Written as a raw confrontation of climate decay and societal disconnection, the tune sees the supergroup jam out their most intricate & heartfelt offering yet; the mesh of violins and cellos swirling with the guitars and multi-part harmonies in a rage of psychedelic blues. Lead singer Luke Saunders leaves everything on the table as well, projecting with a roaring intensity as he recounts the near death experience that inspired the track and consequently changed his being.

That guitar solo at 4:20 is fucking rad as well, the perfect cherry on top that completely does the climax of the tune justice in all of its emotion and ferocity, proving that no matter the feeling or musical heartbeat; the rockers can do it all. If you’re feeling the tune as much as we are, you’re in luck, as the boys are taking it on the road this month. Suss full deets here.


Brissy duo WIGZ enthral and rivet you into burning desire in ‘WWWWWHY,’ helping us throw the fuck down in the lush fire of disco inferno. The tune sees the rising musos time travel to the glorious realm of 80s synth nirvana, infusing it with their own brand of boss female energy as they craft a groove-laden bop just begging to be blasted on a huge pair of subs. Bassist Zoe Hilditch’s rhythmic thumps compliment singer Hannah Brydon’s badass vocals with mad steeze as well; emanating waves of grit with every melodic utterance (that spine-tingling pre-chorus being a perfect example) as the two go absolutely ham on their respective modes of musical expression.

Needless to say, the tune transports you to a dance-floor exactly like the one portrayed in the music video (which the talented filmmakers also directed!), the type of groove-arenas that make you feel like it’s only you and the music; that as long as you continue to bust a move or two, the party is never really over. Get your vibe on with them below.

Jerome Blazè – ‘Colour Of The Water’

Sydney wunderkind Jerome Blazè bathes in streams of fluorescent enchantment in ‘Colour Of The Water,’ putting an earthy foot forward in what’s one of his most vulnerable releases to date. The tune sees the young 21-year-old inhabit all roles of the creative process from producing, mixing, writing and even singing on the tune, having complete control over every sonic embellishment in pristine detail. The result is a unified sonic gem, a marble of reflection as the Conservatorium graduate sings about trekking it out in New Zealand and his changing perspectives on a relationship throughout the arduous journey; a journey which the track embodies in entrancing lyrical and tonal fashion.

Singer Ivy Jane Browne totally comes through too, being the ying to Blazè’s yang as the pair trade lyrical offerings back and forth, different in pitch and frequency but similar in warmth and intent. A world-and-a-half within four fleeting minutes, we can’t recommend it enough. Check it below.

Keli Holiday – ‘Where You Feel’

Keli Holiday (AKA that curly haired god from Peking Duk Adam Hyde) circles us with devilish bravado in his sky-piercing thumper ‘Where You Feel,’ crafting an archaic heater that treads perfectly between pub headbanger and nightclub groover. The tune sees the veteran producer continue the fiery intensity of his ravenous debut ‘We Don’t Have To Know,’ projecting powerful vocals atop electrifying production that’ll put a spring (or twenty) in your step for your Wednesday morning. It just reeks of the glory days of 2000s American indie and new-age pop, but with Hyde’s own unique sensibilities mixed in as the vibrance of his sonic palette shines through in spades.

Long story short, if you ever end up cycling down the Venice Beach boardwalk in California, Hyde more than has you covered on the soundtrack side, the tune being filled with enough energy to power your legs for an eternity-and-a-half.  Check it below.

FOURA ft. Big Skeez – ‘On Tonight’

Narrm/Melbourne underground fire-starter FOURA takes our collective hands into two-step bliss in ‘On Tonight’ ft. Big Skeez, continuing her distinct aura of UK garage that makes you feel like you’re in an underground bunker and you’ve got no room to move (AKA HEAVEN). The track sees the producer dynamo provide a web of sonics glitzy in appearance and refined in construction, with West Sydney Afroswinger Big Skeez’s verses bubbling with attitude and funk; playing with flow, pitch and autotune atop bustlings synths and percussive elements. There’s also a cool double time section at the end of each chorus, subtly upping the ante as the tune goes from chill garage bop to driving banger, truly letting FOURA’s powers of mood-curating shine in all of their glory.

A tune that would be just beautiful to hear in The Lab in a Mixmag set, we’re definitely recommending this for your next mixing night. Get a taste below.



Words by Amar Gera April 28, 2021
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