Homegrown Fire: Five Local Artists We’re Bumping On Repeat
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Far too much heat…

We’re halfway through February now, and of course, the tracks keep coming. To say we’re having trouble keeping up with it all would be the biggest understatement since, well, the announcement that the initial lockdown would only be two weeks long (too soon I know). But regardless, it’s safe to say that the Aussie music scene is absolutely on fire in 2021, and we’re loving every minute of it.

Speaking of, we’re guessing you came here for your weekly fix of five fire tracks by local artists. And this week’s edition is an absolute doozy. Buckle in beauties.

Check it below.

MADAM3EMPRESS – ‘Locking Eyes’

South African-born soul-starlet MADAM3EMPRESS is on a totally pure and honest quest for truth on ‘Locking Eyes,’ immersing herself in waves of passion to come through with a gorgeously-sensual tune. Uttering her lyrical gifts atop mellow guitar lines and tropical drums, the empress-supreme effortlessly captivates as she embodies that raw, uncontrollable fire that results from connection and infatuation. It’s almost as if the Sydney-songstress is casting a spell on you throughout the track’s duration, entrancing you with lush vocals and lyrics that speak to the soul in a way that’s totally unique and authentic.

The tune would be a straight up perfect bop for vibing poolside with a mojito in hand, dancing into the night with your one true love that you’d met ten minutes before. It essentially has everything you could possibly ask for, but still leaves you wanting endless more. Definitely check it out.

Ellen Bryant – ‘Frequency / Doin’ Just Fine’

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Ellen Bryant bubbles with self-acceptance and positive affirmations on ‘Frequency / Doin’ Just Fine,’ floating amongst luscious jazzy clouds as she finds the beauty in the highs and lows of being alive. The tune sees her throw it back to the likes of Jill Scott and Jhene Aiko, slowing it all the way down as she vocalises atop fluttery keys, soulful guitar licks and enough harmonies to awaken the most dormant of spirits.

The collage of instrumentation is just a badass sonic artwork, constantly shifting and changing, but held together by otherworldly vocals that cut through all noise and distractions; all to hit you right in the feels with cathartic stardust. A tune that’ll bring you hope in the darkest of nights, we can’t recommend it enough. Check it below.

ANGE – ‘Coming For U’

Sydney-based R&B heartbreaker ANGE is gunning for your heart on her latest single ‘Coming For U,’ crafting a sublime bop overflowing with reflection and self-determination. The tune sees her link up with Sydney fire-crafter Finbar Stuart for an unfurling beat that glows with allure, intricately woven with numerous layers that constantly shift and develop. Vocally, ANGE crosses across numerous feelings, moods and even languages, singing in a mixture of Spanish and English as she declares her commitment to her art and breaks free of her insecurities.

It’s definitely a tune that puts you at ease like few can, striking an almost meditative chord that brings the world around you to a complete and utter standstill. We’re obviously very head over heals for it, and if you’re as in love as we are, you’re in luck, as the Spanish-queen is blessing Mary’s Underground with her talents this Thursday. You can cop tickets here.

The Lazy Eyes – ‘Where’s My Brain’

Inner-west psychonauts The Lazy Eyes continue to melt minds with their latest release ‘Where’s My Brain???,’ getting intergalactic as they continue to push the bounds of their musical prowess. The track kicks off with a gentle vocal line from lead singer Harvey, resting atop a tender guitar loop that’s equal parts comforting and anxiety-inducing; that is before they launch into liftoff with that classic Lazy Eyes flare, utilising some kick ass guitars (I need the name of that lead pedal boys) as they step things up a notch with warbling solos and frenzied arrangement.

As usual, the boys pull numerous goodies from their seemingly endless bag of tricks (and enough headbangs to induce a killer headache), indulging in all the beautiful hallmarks of rock and psychedelia. A band that makes you nostalgic for a time when you probably weren’t even alive, we can’t overstate how much we love them. Check them below.

The Million – ‘Last Call’

Sydney-band The Million merge the worlds of 80s synth pop and modern day indie with ‘Last Call,’ jamming out a breezy bop that’s fun AF, but still carries a killer emotional weight. Decorated with tinkering high hats, retro synth lines and euphoric electronic ornamentation, the tune gets up close and personal as it explores that frightening fear of messing things up in a new relationship. But it also captures that initial excitement and burning desire to make it work when exploring young love, dipping a foot in each world as it crosses across genre and mood to tug on the heartstrings in the catchiest way possible. A tune just perfect for your next arvo skate, we’re definitely backing it hard. Check it below.

Words by Amar Gera February 15, 2021
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