Homegrown Fire: Five Local Artists We’re Bumping On Repeat
Raising the roof.
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This week’s list is a fire hazard-and-a-half…

How are we all going lovely people? This weather is a bit up and down, and boy, it’s causing us to worry about whether we’ll have too much or too little heat for the coming weeks. But don’t worry (or maybe do), as we’ve got a proper fire hazard with this week’s crop of Homegrown Fire, each of the tunes on display burning brighter than the biggest of stars in the Milky Way. But don’t just take out word for it.

Check it below.

The Moving Stills – ‘Gene’

Central Coast larrikins The Moving Stills carve out a soothing sonic diamond in ‘Gene,’ merging the waters of indie-rock and alt-pop for a vibrant stream that invigorates and inspires. The tune has all the various ingredients of a classic Stills track in its steady drums, intricate guitars and catchy vocals, but they’re all tempered in a way more refined manner, almost as if the coastal musos are making it their mission to move your soul with as few textures as possible (mission accomplished boys).

However, the tune goes a step beyond just moving us, having a killer duality as both an uplifting anthem about growth while doing justice to the proper shittiness of a bad relationship. That pre-chorus is stunning as well, with singer Tom’s gorgeous falsetto gliding effortlessly over the various layers, leading into the hook with a laid back love of life that you just know would stop all time and place when played live. See what we’re fangirling about below.

Greatest Hits – ‘Palm Springs’

Gold Coast three-piece Greatest Hits jam out a fruit-basket of warmth in ‘Palm Springs,’ getting real about the struggles all individuals go through, especially the ones you’d least expect. The Goldie residents tackle the heavy subject matter in super colourful style though, with peach-tinged guitar chords and fluro vocals meshing with the backdrop of steady drums and whimsical synths in lovely balance. The harmonies are worth a special mention as well, hitting that perfect balance between super salient and subtle, working in pure sync with the various layers that glitter and shimmer with quirkiness.

The visuals match the overall quirkiness of the tune as well, set to a white backdrop as the band members take turns jamming, accessorising and just vibing TF out (although they make it look twenty times more aesthetically pleasing than we’d be able to). The tune and video as a whole is just a light-hearted reminder of the fact that everyone’s trying to figure their shit out, so you might as well take pleasure in the ride. Oh, and work your fucking ass off while you’re at it. Start your Wednesday with some catchy motivation below.

Middle Kids  – ‘Stacking Chairs’

Sydney trio Middle Kids give a fantastic ode to love and commitment in ‘Stacking Chairs,’ the fourth single from their latest album imbued with a beautiful exploration of the frightening unknown. Singing about the relief to have found a proper life partner and love in her husband/ bandmate Tim, lead singer Hannah fully removes all barriers as she projects an emotional fierceness and vulnerability that is at this point a calling card of her lyrical + vocal blessings; as well as that of the trio’s artistry.

There’s also a super intimate moment at the end of the track where Hannah just strips it back to her raw vocals and an acoustic guitar, really driving home the overarching message of love as she reaffirms that at the end of the day, her and Tim will stay behind and stack the chairs for the other; that they’re truly in it for the long haul. Get a wholesome scoop of goodness below.

Garage Sale – ‘Frank’

Melbourne-based rockers Garage Sale are storming out the gates with their debut single ‘Frank,’ crafting a melancholic exploration of fostering societal strays and the sense of companionship it entails. Written about a cat that would often play audience for the band and their daily routines, the tune transcends the literal into the metaphorical, singing about the individuals who don’t feel like they fit in with the masses, the ones who exist on the fringes away from general consensus and convention.

The instrumentation and vocals certainly fit the thematic palette of the tune as well, with blaring guitars and punk-like vocals all overflowing with emotion, almost as if they’re bursting at the seems with sensitivity and rawness. A tune that feels like a sonic-embodiment of those gorgeous winter storms that force you to think back on your life, we’re definitely recommending it for your Wednesday mornings. Check it below.

Moaning Lisa – ‘Something’

Canberra-based alt-rockers Moaning Lisa punch out an anthemic electrifier in ‘Something,’ bringing the fight to your spirit as they craft a fiery headbanger sombre in message but soul-shaking in delivery. Singing about the special people who help you recover and grow between those life-changing loves, the four-piece match the rush of heartbreak with the stillness of self-realisation, with pounding guitar riffs and thrilling vocals enthralling you into moshpit ecstasy (AKA heaven). There’s also a killer sense of gratefulness throughout the track, really affirming that without those special souls who give us their shoulders to cry on, it’d be next to impossible to find our way through those dark periods and consequently out thee other side.

It’s just an overall hub of beautiful reflection, the type the four-piece have clearly mastered over the years, never failing to tug on our heart strings in the most cathartic way possible. Get your own emotional fix below.

Words by Amar Gera April 7, 2021
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