Homegrown Fire: Five Local Artists We’re Bumping On Repeat
Words by Amar Gera May 13, 2022

King Blue image via Michael Tartaglia

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We’re back at it with what’s one of our most stacked Homegrown Fires yet, featuring a diverse mix of genres ranging from dance to heavy metal to voodoo rock and hip hop. It’s fitting that this be one of the last Homegrown Fires for a little while, the new batch of tracks embodying everything we’ve come to love about the series. But of course, we won’t waste any more time. Five fire tracks by local artists, coming right up! check it below.

Rino (Melbourne/Naarm) – ‘Flow-On’

Indonesian-born sorcerer of the beat Rino crafts one of his most transportive creations yet in ‘Flow On’, the Naarm-based maestro laying all of his influences and skills he’s cultivated on the table for a technicolour explosion of sonics.

It’s hard to know where to start when describing a track such as this, the various swirls of eastern and western dance rife within the four minute runtime. Highlights include however the harp lines that permeate the track’s midway, the infectious drums that are both soothing and electric and the ocean of harmonies that round out the track’s creation. It’s like a fine wine of a dance track: not one to be consumed in quick succession, but rather, slowly digested and taken in so as to appreciate every layer and cog that it’s comprised of.

Another reminder that there’s so much more to dance music than meets the eye. The beauty is in the details, and there are plenty of deets to go around in Rino’s ‘Flow On’.


Hoodzy (Sydney/Eora) – ‘This Feeling’

Hoodzy doesn’t give a damn about your thoughts or opinions on her latest artistic triumph ‘This Feelings’, the Eora MC storming out the gates with equal measures of grit and flow on the latest offering.

The heater sees the Eora songstress utilises spacey synths and momentous claps that set a tone of urgency. Tonally there’s definitely a good UK influence throughout the track, her flow and delivery reminiscent of MCs like Little Simz and Lady Leshurr. It definitely extends far beyond just your usual rap heater though, taking moments for acapella melodics that collide perfectly against the chant-like hook.

For an artist who’s only 19 years old, she’s certainly way ahead of the curve. You’ll see what we mean:


Five Island Drive (Sydney/Eora) – ‘Spite Suicide’ ft. Faintly Rumoured

Sydney heavy-metal outfit Five Island Drive start a riot-and-a-half on their latest release ‘Spite Suicide’, the trio delving into the rageful and archaic for a rebellious heater that knows no limits.

The track utilises pounding guitars to back vocalist Frankie Jean’s emotive roars as she outlines the importance of activism and allyship in the face of hardship. It’s definitely an assault of the senses, the repetition of the title lyric along with the intricate verses laying the fundamental blueprints for revolution and all that it entails. There’s also plenty of existential understanding permeating the track’s three minute runtime, with chorus lyric “I choose my own way to burn” driving home the importance of free will and self-realisation.

A protest anthem that commands multiple listens. Get inspired with ‘Spite Suicide’:


Mirror Mirror (Sydney/Eora) – ‘Stay Around’

Mirror Mirror delve into the heartbreak of groove and soul in their latest cut ‘Stay Around’, the slinky new offering rife with tangy invigoration for all to indulge in.

The tune features some tasty guitar licks along with funkadelic chords that harken back to pioneers of the genre like Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington. Mirror’s vocals strike a fervent chord of hope as they pierce through the interwoven layers, finding perfect synchronicity on the hook as he sings the title lyric with equal measures of self-assuredness and vulnerability. It’s definitely an old-age tune designed to let you revel in the power of melody and groove, a sentiment most notably communicated during the various instrumental sections throughout the five-minute runtime.

One of the most interesting musos coming out of the Eora scene. Get familiar below:


King Blue (Perth/Mooro) – ‘Breathless’

Indie pop quintet King Blue serve up a punchy ode to life and collective experience in ‘Breathless’, the Mooro collective coming through with equal measures of grit and joy in the new number.

The track sees lead singer Skye’s airy vocals backed by hard-hitting guitar lines and instrumentation that harkens back to the mid 2000s golden age of indie. It’s a number that treads the perfect line between heartfelt pop bop and your classic pub headbanger, Skye’s synchronicity with the surrounding instrumentation both tonally and melodically helping to steer the track through various soundscapes with total ease. The harmonies on the hook are totally delicious as well, Skye’s utterance of “Baby you’ve got that smile that takes a breath away” totally plunging you into head first into the world of ‘Breathless’.

Another quality Perth band that we have a feeling will be blowing up sooner rather than later. Happy listening:


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