Homegrown Fire: Five Local Artists We’re Bumping On Repeat
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Well, we’ve reached the end of another week, and that’s cause for celebration. And so we won’t waste any more time. Five fire tracks by local artists coming right up. Check it below.

Matilda Pearl – ‘What Can I Do’

Mornington Peninsula/Boonwurrung-based starlet Matilda Pearl overflows with bubblegum flora in her latest single ‘What Can I Do,’ the rising star proving that she’s just as capable of curating catchy bops as she is at crafting entrancing visuals.

The track follows the young 18-year-old as she flutters with a totally angelic spirit, singing about about the mixed messages inherent to a life online. Her vocals are bursting with life as well, her head voice in the hook giving major ’80s daydream vibes as the pulsating bass and vibrant synths explode and shift beneath her. And special shoutout to those DIY visuals, her ingenuity in the visual realm helping to elevate the song to an even higher plane of existence and as she creates her own world that’s ever so inviting and alluring.

Wanna get familiar with some of the most exciting young talent in the country right now? Step into the world Matilda Pearl has created with ‘What Can I Do.’

Melkior – ‘Need You’

Sydney/Eora R&B firefly Melkior soothes and serenades you to the ends of the Earth in his latest single ‘Need You,’ the singer utilising his lush lyrical and vocal precision to hit that tender spot you didn’t know existed.

The track sees the ‘Closer’ singer revel in that heartfelt tone, the  heartthrob gliding over a minimal beat with ambient synths and drones helping to shine the way. The skeletal drums help bolster the overall steeze of the track as well as the singer-songwriter recounts the sense of awe one feels when they hold their lover close; and the inevitable catharsis that results from such an embrace. A highlight is the meshing of hook and synth at around 3:05, his tone shining at its very brightest as he oozes purity and desire; the fundamental need to be half of a whole.

Sydney’s R&B scene has been popping the hell off as of late, and Melkior’s been on the frontlines helping to push it forward. Get familiar with his artistry and ‘Need You’ to get in the know.

Mid Ground, Ellen Mara – ‘Peace In The Sky’

Sydney/Eora production duo Mid Ground team up with vocal butterfly Ellen Mara for a groove second to none in ‘Peace In The Sky’, the resulting trio finding a sweet spot in the realm of R&B and neo-soul that blooms and unfurls.

The offering sees Ellen’s silky vocals atop the wavy sonic soundscapes of Mid Ground’s Andrew Chara and Ally McMahon, her silky vocals wrapped in red velvet as they immerse themselves in the lush turquoise synths. Crafted as an exploration of the freedom one attains after a relationship, the track listens like an overall breath of fresh air that invigorates and inspires you to fly and find a subsequent ‘Peace In The Sky,’  to find a new beginning up above that’ll bring you back down to earth.

Hot off having your heart broken (or doing the heartbreaking?). Find your escape and some semblance of reprieve in Mid Ground and Ellen Mara’s ‘Peace In The Sky.’

Strict Face – ‘Tasteflash’

Adelaide/Tarndanya-based maestro Strict Face is bursting with kinetic energy in his latest heater ‘Tasteflash’, the prolific producer magnate pulling together his textural inclinations for a banger that gives no fucks and takes zero prisoners.

The heater bears witness to Strict Faces drum-heavy nirvana, beginning with frenzied snares and vocal chops as he ventures to every corner of the sonic soundscape. It somehow manages to maintain it’s crazy momentum as well, the various layers multiplying in resonance and frequency as Strict Face drives it all forward. It paints that visceral image of a crowd jumping in unison packed shoulder to shoulder, only focused on the present moment and the impending drop into sonic bliss.

The track strikes right at the centre of what rave music is; and goes a hell of a long way to recreate that archaic warehouse energy that we’ve been deprived of for far too long. Let Strict Face take you all the way back with ‘Tasteflash.’

Squid The Kid – ‘Drunk Thoughts’

Melbourne/Naarm soul-stirer Squid Face proves his worth on ‘Drunk Thoughts’, the young muso blasting out the gates with enough waviness to revive even the most dormants of souls.

The slow-burn follows the rising star as he crafts the perfect matinee soundtrack; equal measures of swank, steeze and allure swirling in a cocktail of R&B and jazz as he traverses genre and groove. His vocals are equally on par with the rich instrumentation, his repetition of ‘I wanna know’ on the hook burning with attitude as heembodies living legends like Anderson .Paak and Tyler, the Creator. The guitar solo at 2:30 is super vibey as well, prompting the most satisfying of stank faces that you secretly hope never washes away.

Need a new jam for the next time you’re indulging in some liquor of the finer variety? (or even if you’re going to town on whatever’s on special at the Bottle O), Squid’s got you covered. Get a feel for ‘Drunk Thoughts’ and let yourself be carried away.

Words by Amar Gera September 17, 2021
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