Homegrown Fire: Five Local Artists We’re Bumping On Repeat
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A bit of everything in this week’s lineup…

Well, we’ve reached the end of another week, and to be real with you, we’re straight up drowning in new releases. And so, we won’t waste any time. Five fire tracks by local artists, coming right up. Check it below.

Druid Fluids (Adelaide/Kaurna) – ‘Flutter By’

Druid Fluids take you into the thrilling unknown in their latest offering ‘Flutter By,’ the psychedelic five-piece utilising all the tools a their disposal for a mind warper that’s equal parts earthy and mystical.

The tune makes use of a wealth of instrumentation, fuzzy guitars, sitars and chant-like vocals helping to craft an immersive experience. Frontman and mastermind behind the band Jamie Andrew is in rare form on this cut vocally as well, his tenor tone adding to the serene nature of the nature-inspired visuals.

A personal favourite is the outro of the track however, all the instruments colliding and thrashing in a melting pot of voodoo mayhem, one that’s totally revitalising.


Mvlholland – ‘Chicago’

Byron-based muso Mvlholland has outdone herself with her latest release ‘Chicago,’’ the ‘83’ singer getting acoustic for what’s one of her most emotive offerings yet.

The track sees her backed by a gentle acoustic guitar and harp that are equally soothing and reassuring, the pair creating the perfect sonic backdrop for her meditation on lost loves, the loves that no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to forget. Her vocals are especially gentle in this cut as well, the young muso showcasing her ability to go from punchy tracks like ‘But I Like it’ and ‘83’ to more delicate cuts overflowing with vulnerability and honesty.

Definitely one of her softest but most striking offerings yet, it’s definitely one to add to the ‘Vibes’ playlist. Get in your feels to Mvlholland’s ‘Chicago’ below.

Salarymen (Sydney/Eora) – ‘All In Vain’

Salarymen continue to advance on their sonic journey in their latest offering ‘All In Vain,’ the Sydney-based duo following up their debut EP Scene Change with an overflow of intricate instrumentation and catchy melodies.

Vocally singer Renee is airy and carefree on this offering, her utterances cutting through with this springtime-reminiscent quality. Her vocals intermingle with the accompanying guitars with plenty of synchronicity, the two working with the fast-paced the drums to walk the line the line between dream-pop and and indie-rock.

It still has all the fundamental elements that helped the Sydney music scene fall for them in 2019, but you can tell the Salarymen are focused on growing their sound with their new releases, and it shows more than ever on ‘All In Vain.’


Janeva (Sydney/Eora) – ‘Breaking Free’

Janeva turns the High School Musical bop ‘Breaking Free’ into one of the funkiest tracks of the year with her latest release, the Sydney-based muso putting her expansive production chops to task for a Kaytanada-like heater that oozes soul and heat.

The tune sees Janeva surround herself with buzzing synths and drums, the singer-songwriter and producer sampling the hip hop and disco house spheres for a hybrid heater that meets in the middle. Her vocals are just as, if not more powerful than the accompanying sonics, the young muso cruising through her range with ease as she adds an extra layer of emotion to the overall beat, a concoction which is maximised on the lyrics “There’s not a star in heaven that we can’t reach.”

Definitely the only High School Musical cover I’d feel comfortable putting on in the car with the homies, we back it hard.

EUCA (Gold Coast/Yugambeh) – ‘Only Fools’

EUCA serves up her most moving offering yet in her latest tune ‘Only Fools,’ the Goldie songbird continuing her confessional web of storytelling that’s both fierce and vulnerably.

Sonically this is a slow burn if there ever was one, gritty guitars reminiscent of a Jodi Mitchel sound palette as she oozes her folk-infused vocals on top. The instrumentation really matches the emotion of EUCA’s vocals, the clattery drums, buzzing guitars and sonic inflections throughout helping to add to the desperation that fuels the track.

But her lyricism is on a whole other level in this number, lines like “That he’ll miss me when I’m gone/ and that’s enough” communicating the sense of conflict she feels within her relationship. Conflict between her fear and confusion, tempered with the burning desire to keep those who matter most close to her.


Words by Amar Gera November 19, 2021
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